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Welcome to Matthew 25 International. Our mission is connecting our heart to Gods by identifying and meeting the needs of the international community.  We strive to be:

•    Touchable to those around us
•    Relevant to those who are lost
•    Faithful to the needs the Lord puts before us so that people may come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The Lord continues to expand our opportunities with ongoing works in Peru, India, Haiti and invitations to Pakistan, Africa and the Philippines. Since 1996 we have been involved with and responsible for the training pastors, church leadership and evangelist meetings.

In addition, we have overseen the funding and construction of churches, schools, children’s homes and Tsunami housing.  We know God has placed a call to minister on every true believer.

Some people are called to travel to the area of need, others to contribute financially, and all of us can connect with prayer for the many needs around the world.  Matthew 25 International provides you with the opportunity to fulfill that calling.


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